List Of Common Nerve Problems

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cannabichromenePain in the foot can be caused due to various reasons. Generally, most people believe that muscle and bone abnormalities contribute to leg pains. But the fact is that damage and abnormalities in the nerves running through legs can also cause severe pain. The nerve pain in the foot is characterized by sharp, shooting and burning sensation. There are many helpful resources on the Internet to help you enlighten more about the nerve pain on the foot. There are also plenty of drugs and medicines available to cure the nerve pain and related abnormalities. You may visit to find diversified information on medicines. Now let us look into some of the common nerve conditions that lead the pain in the foot.

Morton’s Neuroma is a condition that is characterized by thickening of the nerve that goes between the fourth and third toes. The symptoms of Morton’s neuroma include shooting or burning pain. This condition is more commonly seen among the women, who wear high-heeled footwear. Some of the usual treatments for this condition include modification of shoes, cortisone injections, and arch supports.

Pinched nerve is a condition that can affect any regions of the foot. Also referred as nerve entrapment, a pinched nerve is caused due to excess pressure and trauma. People, who wear tight shoes and socks, are more prone to getting this condition. The symptoms of a pinched nerve are characterized by burning, shooting pain on the foot top.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a type of nerve entrapment that happens when the entrapped tibial nerve descends into the tarsal tunnel of the foot. The symptoms are characterized by tingling and burning sensation. This condition is usually treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone shots.

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is caused due to increased level blood sugar (glucose). The high level of glucose in the blood can affect the nerve significantly. Like many other forms of nerve pain, diabetic peripheral neuropathy is characterized by shooting and burning pain in the feet. This pain gets more severe during the night. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy should be treated quickly as it can develop other serious complications. Doctors treat this condition by reducing the blood sugar to normal through medicines and vitamin supplements.

Other causes of nerve damage or pain are liver and kidney disease, vitamin deficiencies, tumors that compresses nerve, physical drug, and consumption of antibiotics/antiviral/cancer drugs. If you suspect that you have nerve pain, then you should seek the doctor rather than treating it on your own.

There are many supplements available to relieve the nerve pain. However, you should remember that these supplements can work along with regular medicines. Some minor pain can be cured through the supplements. However, if the pain is severe and the degree of abnormality is extreme, then you should seek medical help. You should avoid treating the condition by reading the Internet. Of course, you can go through the Internet to learn about the symptoms.

You can find the best supplement in the market by reading the reviews. There are many health supplement reviews published on the Internet to help the consumers.

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