Tips For Choosing The Right Golf Course

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edgewood-golf-1There are many types of sports available for modern human beings. Sports activities offer benefits to human beings in many ways. Some people indulge in sports to keep their body fit, while some people indulge to take break from hectic life style. Sports activities can benefit both body and mind. Golf is considered as one of the elite sports for many reasons. This is because renting a golf course is an expensive affair. If you have decided to play golf, then you should select the right golf course. Though golf courses may look somewhat similar in appearance, they may vary in terms of quality, size, number of holes, etc.

You should choose a golf course depending on your experience level – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Playing in a public golf course does not require membership. You may visit public courses any time, during working hours. However, you have to pay the green fee. Such golf courses are relatively crowded and you may not enjoy privacy. Private golf courses are available only to its members. In order to become a member, you have to pay the fee in advance. Private golf courses will have waiting area, lounge and other amenities to avoid the members from waiting unnecessarily.

Private golf courses are relatively expensive; however, they are worth the money you pay. Some private facilities allow the public to use their services, under some specific conditions. Such facilities are referred as semi-public. In such cases, public are allowed to play by paying higher green fee than the members. Semi-public golf courses are great for tourists and occasional players. In general, majority of golf courses contain 18 holes, with 9 holes at front and 9 holes at back.

9-holes golf courses are usually set up in small towns. As these golf courses have only 9 holes, you need may need to play the full round by going through each hole twice. Here, the level of difficulty and course length are same as full size course, only difference is the overall area. Executive golf courses are relatively easier to play than regular golf facilities. Executive golf courses have 9 holes and one does not need to play for entire morning or afternoon.

Par 3 golf courses have 9 holes and have only 3 pars. Due to this, these golf courses are considered very ideal for beginners. By considering the above ideas, you can easily find the right golf courses. If you are looking for highly plush golf course at a very attractive price, then you should think of visiting Beacon Hall golf course. This is a golf course that is quite popular in Canada. In addition to the well maintained lawn, they have other facilities to provide more convenience to the players.

To find out more details about this golf course, you have to visit their official website. There you can find details such as tee, par, slope rating and many more. You will also find excellent videos, which will help you know more about the golf course. You can also find the membership details from the website. So, do not hesitate to check the website of Beacon Hall, if you want to enjoy an exceptional golf experience.

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