Different Marine Fabrics and Their Purposes

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marineMarine fabrics are used as tarps, tents, awnings, sail covers and boat covers, gazebos, etc. these fabrics are also used for marine exterior and marine interior covering purposes. Different types of fabrics are available for different purposes. Special fabrics are designed for various outdoor uses. These fabrics can be used for almost any marine purposes. Shop at for marine fabric supplies.

Sunbrella Fabrics
Sunbrella Marine Fabric is ideal for outdoor use. It is specially designed for interior and exterior applications. This fabric is mostly used for lining yacht and sail boats, marine seating covers and tops. This is a good choice for covering almost any type of property or marine surfaces. It also has high durability and offers easy maintenance. It is mildew resistant and fades resistant. It has great water repellant properties and is also breathable. This fabric also offers protection against any weather condition and salt water. They are available in various designs. Sunbrella fabrics also have manufacture warranty of 10 years.

Marine Vinyl Fabric
Marine Vinyl Fabrics are fabrics coated with high-quality vinyl. This type of vinyl fabric is highly stain resistant. This fabric is used in vehicle seating covers, marine seating covers, bags, truck tarps and also as spa covers. Vinyl fabrics are used in residential seating purposes. It is used outdoors as well as for extensive commercial seating purposes. Vinyl fabrics are easy to maintain. Stains can be cleaned easily with just a tissue. Vinyl fabrics are also highly durable. They are scratch resistant, non-abrasive and stubborn dirt can be cleaned with alcohol. They are also available in various styles, designs, and colors.

Softouch Fabric
Softouch Fabric is a fabric made especially for protection. It protects gel coated, painted surfaces without damaging the. This fabric is safe to use on delicate surfaces. They also protect underside surfaces. This fabric had a soft backing and provided a non-abrasive texture. It is used to protect and cover marine properties such as trailers.

TopNotch Solution-Dyed Fabric
TopNotch Fabrics are solution dried fabrics, which has fluorocarbon finish. This fabric is abrasion resistant, breathable, durable, water repellant, UV resistant and reversible. It is mostly used for trailer covers, marine tops, awnings, gazebos, patio furniture, canopies and all other places that require breathable covers.


Top Gun Acrylic Coated Fabric
Top Gun Fabric is an acrylic coated polyester woven fabric. This fabric is remarkably durable, abrasion resistant, tear resistant, mildew and UV resistant. Polyester fabrics are ideal for outdoor uses like trailer covers, canopies, gazebos, outdoor furniture, barbecue covers, marine tops, etc.

Tempotest Italian Performance Fabric
Tempotest is an Italian performance fabric. This fabric is known for its endurance to sun exposure and extreme climates. This fabric is 100% dyed water, oil and solution repellant, Salt, UV, mold and stain resistant. It also comes in various colors and styles.

Car and Boat Headliner Fabric
Boat and Car Headliner Fabric is a line of quality fabrics for automotive and marine applications. It is made of 100% polyester, with ¼” laminated foam. This is also available in a range of colors.

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